Handles, hinges and locks

Window and Door Handles

All our handles are manufactured to the highest standards and fitted by engineers with many years of experience. Probably the one thing that sets us apart from other companies when fitting these products... our engineers care! They will repair or replace items and do it like it was for their own homes, this way you can be assured when you get a repair completed, likehood is it will last.

A close up of a gable window

Alocking window handles

Locks that are secure, handles that close your window firmly, handles that feel substantial and are suited to their environment, plus so many more factors we consider when we supply a new handle to your home, the last thing we guarantee once the job is completed... you have had a great job at a great price giving you value for money!

If style and modern looks is your thing, we probably have just what you need.
We fit handles of all types and styles to a wide range of properties and interior styles manufactured from a wide range of materials, including Brass, Steel, Aluminium and in a wide range of colours.

Weather tight seals

External Locking Handles

Need a white, chrome or heritage finish handle?
Perhaps brushed aluminium or plastic coated handles, with or without locks, whatever you need its likely we have it, if we don't... we can get very quickly so your repair can be dealt with in a timely fashion

A close up of a gable window

We provide a wide range of quality handles, locks and letter flaps to suite your current style and colours and finishes that will compliment your current door, all of which can be replaced very quickly and economically from our large stock of furnishings.

A close up of a gable window

Door Handles With Style

range of door handles

We can match almost an handle to your existing window or door with a range of colours and finishes available.
We can even replace all your handles just to freshen up your windows.