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Household condensation, or “sweating”, on windows is a result of humidity comes in contact with a cold surface such as a mirror or glass window, it turns to water droplets and is called condensation. This is perfectly normal and all homes will occasionally have some condensation on their windows.

However, sometimes you find this condition in your double glazing. This is usually a result of damaged sealed units. This is the bonding of two panes of glass to create the space that is the thermal block from the outer to the inner pane of glass. Damage can occur for a variety of reasons, impact or vibration damage, or even old age, sealed units can last a great number of years if undisturbed, but sealed units that are subject to constant movement and use can break down after a while.

As a result, the varying temperatures of our climate (the hot and cold weather of the seasons) can produce condensation. The problem with this is that due to the lack of flowing air through the thermal break, the water (condensation) that sits in the space either stains and can in some cases produce mold in more extreem cases or just sits dormant between the two panes of glass. This makes it difficult to see through and can make a window unsightly.

Why does a double glazed sealed unit fail? 
The main reason is "Solar Pumping" which is can be quite technical to explain, so we will explain in layman terms which we find is the best way for most people to understand:
When the sun comes out the unit gets hot and expands, when the sun goes in the unit contracts (this is called solar pumping). This constant expansion and contraction make the bottom perimeter seal of the unit eventually brake down and fail. 

If the bottom perimeter seal has failed, moisture is drawn into the unit when the solar pumping starts, this daily transfer of moist air quickly saturates the desiccant crystals inside the perimeter spacer bar and the moisture condensates on the inner glass of the unit. ​Units that face South or South West are more prone to failure.
Other reasons for units failing are:

  • Incorrect fitting
  • Poor manufacture
  • Holes in the seals
  • Poor transportation
  • Poor framework maintenance
  • Failed or blocked drainage systems

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